1. Watch the animation Googol GLaDOS.

2. You may have to wait a few seconds because the simulator caches all the files for offline use.

3. Launch the simulator and have fun! :D

Note: Everything you see from the simulator are just animations, it is harmless.

Google Chrome is the recommended browser for good results.

Use a different browser at your own risk!




The official location of the Googol GLaDOS Simulator.


Other Mirrors

A List of Googol GLaDOS Simulator Mirrors.



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The Original

The original Googol GLaDOS Simulator. (Offline.)


The Googol GLaDOS Simulator is open source.

This means you can host your own version of the simulator online.
You can download the source code below from GitHub.



Or you can set one up right now! (Requires a Heroku account)


Before you continue...

This simulator is an animated simulation of the cartoon "Googol GLaDOS".

It is not a virus.

It's all just animations, nothing will happen to your computer.

(Just, lettin you know.)


The Googol GLaDOS Simulator is an open source* experiment to recreate the animation 'Googol GLaDOS' for the web.

If for some reason the official simulator ever goes down, you can always use a mirror. See Mirrors.

Or you can download and host the simulator yourself right here.

For more information on how to run the simulator, see the Installing section.

*This means you are permitted to view, modify, and distribute the simulator under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC 4.0)

Built with in the United Kingdom by:

@hakobyte @Gauntus